About Timeless Construction & Design

Timeless Construction & Design, LLC established operation's as a General Contractor and Designing firm in 2017. The company specializes in designing, drawing and building for new and present residential and commercial structures. The journey through our projects have purpose, honoring customer service, reliability, experience and honesty. To us our core values are timeless. Our company applies efforts to perform the best work as well with a lasting experience in valuing the connections we have with the customer, suppliers and the industry itself.

Trevor Haefke is the President and operator of Timeless Construction & Design, LLC. His qualifications within the construction industry is vast. Trevor attended three years of architect school in Illinois. Trevor completed the United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners of America Journeyman's program and also completed the Montana Tech Pre-Apprenticeship Line Program. Trevor also has a Bachelor Degree in Construction Management from Everglades University. Trevor's role model for his career is led by his late father, Werner Haefke, in which was an immigrant from Germany in the 1960's and operated a successful construction company in Chicago, Illinois. Trevor's applied experience is over twenty years.
Trevor's business partner and Vice-President of Timeless Construction & Design, LLC is Lisa Haefke. Lisa operates the functionality and multiple aspects of the business as well with the designing opportunities. Lisa has experience with designing and has a background and education in healthcare administration. Also having a large family owning local business assists with understanding how to operate and design projects.

The knowledge and experience within Timeless Construction & Design, LLC holds value and commitment within the Billings, Montana region as well within the industries of practice.