Construction & Design Services

Construction Tools — construction in Billings, MT


When you are ready to begin your design, we will start with a consultation in your home, analyzing the space with construction is needed. From there, we will review the aspects of the design that you are looking for. Once we have a rough idea going, we will come up with the plan for your project's process and design. We will then fine tune things with you before the actual construction process begins.

Remodel & Repairs

Aside from our design and construction services, we also perform a variety of repairs as well with remodels. Much like our other services, these repairs extend to both residential and commercial clients. These services include small home repairs, windows, siding, doors, walls, foundation, structural issues, flooring bathrooms, exterior decking and siding, kitchens, and much more!


Just like a remodeling project or another new construction process, we will keep you involved in every step of the way. We will design the project with you, review and confirm exactly what is needed. Following this, we will create an estimate and plan for time frame. As general contractors, we can find the different aspect needed to make the perfect construction job a reality. We have what it takes for all residential and commercial jobs, big or small!
Construction Tools — construction in Billings, MT

Window Treatments

We offer consultation, design, direct ordering and install for window treatments.
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